The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today recommended to the IOC Session to withdraw recognition of the International Boxing Association (IBA), in accordance with Rule 3.7 of the Olympic Charter (OC).

This decision is based on the IOC Comprehensive Report on the Situation of the IBA dated 2 June 2023, which the IOC EB discussed and approved today. The report establishes that the IBA has failed to fulfil the conditions set by the IOC in its decision communicated to the IBA on 9 December 2021 – which was not challenged by the IBA – for lifting the suspension of the IBA’s recognition.

In the preparation of this report, the IBA was granted the right to be heard and to provide any information it deemed relevant.

The IOC EB also recommends to the IOC Session – in the interest of the boxing athletes and the sport of boxing – to maintain boxing on the sports programme of the Olympic Games Paris 2024, in accordance with the IOC EB’s decisions communicated on 24 June 2022, 8 September 2022 and 6 December 2022.

To discuss the matter and take a decision, the IOC EB and the IOC President have convened an Extraordinary IOC Session to be held remotely on Thursday 22 June 2023.

08/06/2023 14:11:38


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