A Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship rumble took an R-rated turn on Friday in Bangkok, when a female fighter flashed her breasts to the crowd after a knockout win.During her match against Rung-Arun Khunchai over the weekend, Tai Emery jumped onto the ropes and lifted her sports bra towards the audience after delivering a brutal blow.

“Interesting celebration right there by Tai Emery,” a BKFC commentator can be heard saying as Emery lifted her top. “Haven’t seen that one before.” Emery put Khunchai away with a right upper-cut and left hook that sent the latter crashing to the floor, where she remained during the victor’s celebration.The former electrician and model had never competed in the sport of bare knuckle prior to her first-round, knockout win. Emery has competed as an amateur in MMA, however.

09/09/2022 10:13:02


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